CAD Plotting in mono and color on paper, tracing and linen is available.

Superb Colorplots on Paper, Linen, Vinyl, etc.

Plot in color HP5500ps and HP5000ps 60" (Subang Jaya)

HP5500ps and HP500ps (Kuchai Lama - Kuala Lumpur and Puchong)

 Monochrome plots available in all outlets

Fast PDF Color Plots on Architectural Paper and Linen on our Superfast OCS TCS 500 in all locations.

Superb Color prints on our HP 61” Latex Printers on Artcards for that extra Glossy water resistant dazzle (Subang Jaya)

Great Looking Color Prints on our HP Designjet 5500 in all outlets for Photoglossy, Coated paper, Vinyl etc

Monochrome plots available in all outlets with our very fast OCS TDS 600 printers

Scan & print available for Maps and Approved Drawings in all outlets

Print and Laminate with our A0 wide format laminators from A4 to 50” wide.

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Please note: Plotting is sometimes difficult on different computers due to the use of non standard fonts and versions of AUTOCAD. Always bring along a copy of your fonts for CAD files or to simplify create PDF files from your CAD software for best results.

The OCE TCS 500 System for all your High Speed Colour/Mono Plotting, Printing and Scanning Requirements. The High speed Plotting unit is available in Subang Jaya, Kuchai Lama - Kuala Lumpur and Puchong Outlets.

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